Kate Christmas – Artist

KateAtWork_cropHi, I’m Kate I am a mother and carer to 2 wonderful children and we live in Edinburgh. Having had a long employment break due to mental health issues and caring for my 2 children I have now decided to return to an artist based career. Previously I have worked teaching arts, crafts and literacy in organisations such as Garvald & Capability Scotland, working with predominantly learning disabled adults. I have also exhibited previously across Scotland on my own and as part of co operatives.

I had my first exhibition in 9 years using acrylics & silk in September and October 2015 at Edinburgh Methodist Church, since then in April 2016 I have another exhibition at Edinburgh Methodist Church called Bicycle City Dreamings, I also have a series of pictures at Sketchy Beats (an arts & music venue), which were created especially for an event called The Music Womb celebrating creativity of women artists and performers.

I love patterns, shapes and love exploring colour especially on textiles and using different materials together. Interests are usually interwoven with the environment in general natural and man-made. And our impact on our surroundings both in physical and less tangible sense. I am also synesthetic and am exploring this more in my art. I also enjoy challenging self to explore new concepts and ideas and always looking for new projects to be involved with.

I have been gradually trying to establish myself as a presence in Edinburgh. Get involved in more arts venues and groups and want to use the further time to build up exhibition experience and work with other artists.




Facebook: www.facebook.com/kate-christmas-artist

Twitter: @katexmasartist