Dropped Penny

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Hi my name is Morag Brownlie.

I am a freelance theatre director with over twenty years’ experience in the subsidised and commercial theatre sectors. For six years I worked with White Horse Theatre, Germany ( one of Europe’s largest Educational Touring Companies ) as a director of productions and as an associate of the company, as touring director.

I trained as an actress with a career that spanned the West End, Number One Tours, open air Shakespeare, repertory theatre, rural touring and diversity projects using Forum Theatre.

Dropped Penny

Theatre inspires me and I  believe that drama can have a vital impact within society through work that challenges perceptions and encourages debate and discussion.  At a cross roads in my career, having decided to move on from White Horse Theatre, a commitment to create work that pursues this goal has led me to found Dropped Penny Productions.

When a penny drops an idea begins a journey- 'Dropped Penny' exists to give a voice to that journey through the medium of theatre.

Part of the mission of Dropped Penny is to place the thoughts, concerns, aspirations and daily life of the 14-18 year old age group as a creative focus. We will be touring a production in Autumn 2018 as part of the ‘year of the young person’.

Currently under the working title ‘Hope and Glory’

I will be developing ideas from a production I directed for White Horse Theatre Company in Germany that toured secondary schools throughout East and North Germany and was nominated for a humanitarian award.

This will be a devised production using direct input from focus groups of teenagers from Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Dropped Penny will also encourage new writing initiatives.

The Dream factory has given vital support at the early stages of my process and continues to do so.  It has facilitated a leap of faith.

Morag Brownlie

Artistic Director Dropped Penny


twitter:    @_droppedpenny