Creativity for Wellbeing

Version 2Lindsay Gibson

Hi, my name is Lindsay Gibson, and I live and work in Edinburgh. My background encompasses Co-Counselling, Focussing, Dementia Care and Creative Journeying from a person-centred perspective. I also hold a postgraduate diploma in Art Therapy and am a qualified Relaxation Therapist. I bring these elements together in my practice as a process artist and workshop facilitator, which evolves as I live and learn.

Creativity for Wellbeing

The workshops that I run incorporate my three loves of art, self-development and working together with people joyfully. My experiences so far have led me to seek a space in which these three elements can exist as equals. Now I’ve found it, I call this space “Creativity for Wellbeing”.

I facilitate Creativity for Wellbeing workshops using a combination of structured exercises that support peer learning. The workshop activities include:


•engagement with culture and nature

•making pictures and sculptures in mixed media


•deep listening, looking, and sharing

All too often our only engagement in cultural life is as consumers or producers. Beyond this, process art provides a more direct way of connecting with our creative and cultural lives. In the workshops we focus our attention on the playful process of making rather than on producing a finished piece.

The physicality of this process lets us speak another language — one that is embodied, and not necessarily spoken. The aim is to empower each participant to embrace their innate creativity, support one another, and deepen their insight into their unique lived experience.