Heat Hack at the Mini Maker Faire

Heat Hack took a table to the mini maker faire at Summerhall on 19th April as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. It was an all-day event with thousands of visitors. The maker faire itself is fascinating, there were folk doing traditional crafts like screen printing and upholstery but there were also robots, laser cutters, 3d printers, homemade arcade machines, a piano made from bananas (yes really!) and someone making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. We took along a candle votive stand we’d made and invited anyone passing to make an LED candle to add to the stand. We also had temperature sensors attached to helium balloons broadcasting the temperature of the ceiling. Oh, and Jean and I did a talk about how the project started and where we hope to be going with it.

There was so much good energy in the faire that it was a great day all round, not only demonstrating our makes and talking about what we’re hoping to do with Heat Hack, but also seeing what other groups are up to.


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