About the Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is a supportive community of people in Edinburgh who are embarking on creating small businesses and social enterprises in areas of life, colour and justice. These are enterprises that promote health and wellbeing, arts and creativity, global and social responsibility. Those who commit to becoming part of the Dream Factory join a networking group in order to help one another out by sharing advice, experience and skills with one another.

  • Helping people‚Äôs dreams come true
  • Combatting unemployment, homelessness, depression
  • Boosting self-confidence, creativity and building community
  • Fostering enterprises of life, colour and justice

Dream Factory chooses to support businesses that:

  • promote good health, good food and wellbeing
  • are beautiful, creative and innovative
  • promote fair trade, equality and develop community


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The Edinburgh Dream Factory is a VentureFX project, sponsored by the Methodist Church.